Monday, January 31, 2011

Midfielder (Ala)

"I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion."

-Mia Hamm

Like Football, Midfielders are the link to Defenders and Strikers. In futsal, they are generally wingers. It's important to have both speed and stamina in this position because you'll be defending and attacking. It is in this position where you'll be having the ball most of the time. Therefore, don't be afraid to take on players and most importantly not too fancy. Sometimes the easiest way to beat your opponent is just a touch, no need for step overs or any flairy stunts.

For example, if your one on one with your opponent, your first touch of the ball can help you escape from your opponent. Instead of trapping the ball, push it to the space your running into and you'll be able to go past him easily with your momentum.

Another way is most defenders will have their legs wide open, do a step over wif your weaker foot and use your right foot to push the ball between his legs.

Important facts:
:- First touch to go pass your opponent
:- Not too fancy
:- Find space
:- Don't be afraid to take on players

At the same time, it's not just taking on players but finding the killer pass to your striker. In order to find the killer pass, you must link well with your striker, try to find space for the ball to be pass into, and at the same time look where your attcker is running.

For example, if you see a situation where both defenders are standing parallel together, its the best opportunity to slide the ball thru the middle for your attacker to run into. Just like how Cesc Fabregas tear up defence with his killer through balls.

Important facts:
:- Pass ball into space
:- Vision (Your head must be always up)
:- Through balls at the right time

Players that you should look up to are definately Cesc Fabregas and who else other than Cristiano Ronaldo, if you have the combination of both accurate passes and skill to beat players, your the engine of the team

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Defender, Cierre, or Fixo

"If you don’t concede any goals you’ll win more games than you lose."

It's never easy playing as a defender in futsal, the speed of the game evolved so rapidly that you have only a few seconds to react, therefore in order to be a good and effective defender you have to choose the correct decisions in a short period of time.

As a defender, many will think you have to be strong, tall and physically built, but not in futsal. The main objective being a defender is to prevent opponent from scoring, or in other words "get rid of the ball!!!".

Important Facts:
:- Block shots
:- Stand up when facing ur opponent, don't commit yourself

Sometimes being a defender is not about defending, in futsal your pretty much a Defensive Midfielder or a deep-lying playmaker . The players that you have to watch are Lassana Diarra, Paul Scholes and Xabi Alonso. Being able to distribute the ball well and open space for you and your team is your second objective.

Important Facts:
:- Read the game
:- Try to open space using one two's
:- Find space (spread out)
:- Go for runs only when there's space and be sure that someone is covering you

Ways to imrpove your play:
:- First touch must be good
:- One touch football
:- Look up
:- Should be thinkin constantly who to pass to before the ball arrives
:- Read the game


The aim of this blog is to help people out there to find out their positions in futsal, what shoes to buy and hopefully help you improve in the game you love. Hope ya'll enjoy reading =)