Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Strikers or Pivot

"If you’re attacking, you don’t get as tired as when you’re chasing"

Pivot is a position in futsal where you play as a centre forward, always holding the ball and trying to play the ball into space for your wingers to penetrate the defence. You need not to be as tall as Peter Crouch, but its always an advantage if you are strong and be able to lean on defenders. As a striker you need to be able to get your shot on target most of the time, no point putting someone up front if he can shoot. You can be a playmaker but its gonna be tight in the middle of the pitch, because you'll be closing the space of the Defender. Therefore, stay up always and only defend on the other half of the pitch.

Important facts:
:- Stay up and defend, dont close the space of the defender
:- Try to keep your shot low and hard, body over the ball
:- Play as a target man
:- Vision fr space
:- Work on your strength to hold up the ball

Another type of striker in futsal is the (attacking midfielder / striker), you can play a little deep but dont push down until the middle of the pitch. Be a feeder, get the ball hold it and then play it to the wingers. Furthermore you will need to be defending at the top half of the pitch. Keep your shots low and hard, body over the ball.

Important facts:
:- Play a little deeper
:- Feeder
:- Defending top half

Player that you have to look up to as a Pivot are most likely Drogba, his strength and the ability to hold up the ball makes an ideal pivot, not to forget the power of his shot is a stinger. As an attacking midfielder / striker, definitely Wayne Rooney, playing deep, winning the ball and being a feeder of Berbatov.

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